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Visualise your activities with 3D videos. From mountain peaks to city streets - if you love to go outside, Relive captures your memories and shows exactly what you've been up to.




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Easily share your video stories

Instantly turn your outdoor activities into unique 1-minute videos that can be shared via your favourite messaging or social media app.

"A friend of mine started using this app and I recently got into biking and have loved getting a great replay of my rides to share. Even the free version is great! Highly recommend!"



"My brother-in-law in Switzerland recommended this app highly, as he and I both love to hike and both love living in places with beautiful hikes with beautiful views in all directions out the front door! This app combines GPS with my existing love of documenting the beauty I see on my hikes in photos, letting me know how far I’ve trekked and Relive the journey! Loving it!" 

Thanks to Ryan


Track GPS routes with Relive, or connect up to 50+ devices to get your activities on Relive

Add photos, notes, music and much more to customise your video

Share your 3D video with friends and family

What Relive can do for you

Bring every detail of your outdoor experience to life

Track your route and add photos, videos and notes of the most fun and beautiful moments to create your story so others can really feel what it was like.

Import your past activities and turn them into immersive videos

Did an epic activity last year? Bring it to Relive and turn it into stories worth sharing!

Compatible with 50+ trackers

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Create and share your outdoor memories

"This is one is the coolest apps I have. I hike often but some friends are more difficult to motivate than others. So for a few weeks I shared a few vids of my hikes using the free version, and now they want me to take them along! Thanks Relive! I just upgraded to the annual paid plan."

Very cool app


"Easy to use and the dynamic overhead ‘aerial’ perspective give it a more interesting view than I’ve seen with most GPS trackers." 

Relive! Easy to teach an old dog new tricks! 




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Is Relive free to use?

Yes, Relive is a freemium application. You can use it for free and create a basic video. If you want more advanced features such as adding more photos and adding music, you can subscribe to our Relive Plus offering.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use Relive?

Absolutely not. You can create your 3D videos within a couple of minutes. We already pre-populate everything for you— all you need to create a title for your video, make sure you have the right media (photos or videos) you want to include, and pick your video settings.

Can I create a 3D video for past activities?

Yes, you can do this in 2 ways. You can either upload your activity/route file to Relive if you have it, or you can connect your external tracker to automatically upload all your past data.

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